We recently upgraded our Internet speed and were unaware that our modem could not handle this higher speed. Because of this issue we lost the use of our point of sale system. Credit card and processing terminal, phone system, and use of the Internet. Your team was able to work with all the vendors involved, and got all systems back up and running as quickly as possible. Regardless of the issues that we are experiencing, your team is extremely responsive to our needs and is able to provide support in a very timely manner.

Integrated Solutions also provides savings to our business expenses by not having to hire a full time IT Tech, and they give us peace of mind in knowing that their team is always available to help when needed.

General Manager
Wieblers Harley Davidson

Integrated Solutions provided us with a quick recovery to our IT issues! Our experience with their IT service was painless and they helped us become more profitable by implementing the right infrastructure to meet our needs. Integrated Solutions offered affordable, efficient and great customer service! We highly recommend Integrated Solutions for the care and concern they give to their customers. We appreciate their patience to provide excellent service and willingness to go above and beyond the call to support their customers.

LeClaire, Iowa
Grace Marine

I would recommend Integrated Services due to their professional presentation which covered all our questions, follow up of service and dedication to our business to ensure our daily IT operations run smoothly. We are happy that we don’t have to be locked into a long term service contract with penalty for cancellation due to dissatisfaction with service. There is no dissatisfaction with Integrated Solutions; they are always there to assist our clinic with any problems or suggestions for improvement. The benefits to having Integrated Solutions are prompt response to e-mails or phone calls. Knowledgeable staff and they are a local company. Integrated Solutions gives us a peace of mind that if there is a problem we can speak with a knowledgeable person to resolve or advise us what to do.

Office Manager
Scott County Animal Hospital

After losing our full time IT professional, Missman searched in several area’s to find the right fit. Ultimately we chose Integrated Solutions to support our IT infrastructure and eliminated the need to hire additional staff. We get dedicated support from multiple technicians while eliminating the exposure due to vacation of absence. Our IT costs have actually gone down while maintaining a stable environment and improving individual response times for trouble shooting.

President / CEO
Missman, Inc.

It’s been great to work with Integrated Solutions. They have taken us to a new level of technology that is superior to our competition, which has given us the ability to enhance the experience of our guests. Their service is prompt and efficient. Prior to Integrated Solutions handling our IT needs we were losing customers because of our technological inadequacies. After the team at Integrated Solutions implemented their systems, we saw a remarkable increase in customer volume and satisfaction. I would recommend Integrated Solutions for all your IT needs!

Salon Luce

Reliability, knowledgable, timely response all describe Integrated Solutions. In addition, as a non-profit organization, they understand that we stretch every dollar as far as we can to serve children. They do not try and sell us something we do not need, but just what we need to get the job done.

Resource Development
Childrens Therapy Center of the Quad Cities

Competence and reliability in spades. When I contract Integrated Solutions I know our work will be done correctly. I order workstations from Integrated Solutions every year and they always provide an excellent (and best) price. They also perform any necessary upgrades I request in a professional and expedient manner. I have peace of mind knowing that when I am out of the office, my staff can call Integrated Solutions.

Information Systems Manager
Abbott Laboratories Credit Union

What do we like most about your services? Everything! You're professional, fast, friendly and give excellent customer care. We were extremely happy with your onsite repair at our busiest branch. This is greatly appreciated. The biggest benefit we received since hiring you has been a simplified process for maintaining our receipt printers. My business is staying right where it is!

Helpdesk Administrator
American Bank & Trust

Personally I appreciate your wiliness to work with us no matter what the challenge. The flexibility in coverage and products allows our team to be more agile and responsive. Just recently, Integrated Solutions was able to assist while we had a blizzard in our area and we were able to let team members go home early to help avoid the dangerous weather conditions. Client satisfaction is top in your region. We have peace of mind knowing that with little or no guidance your team can get the job done. The skill set and versatility of Integrated Solutions is unparalleled!

Vice President/Business Relationship Manager
First Midwest Bank

You can do things with a computer that I can not. I was happy you set up my new computer from purchase to transfer of information and activating the programs. The benefit I received from Integrated Solutions is that I know who to call when I have computer challenges.

Advantage Advertising

You have responded quickly & solved our issues. Very friendly. Resolved problem with Chuck Ruhl's computer/laptop/Blackberry and setup. The benefits we've received were response time, knowledge and professionalism. You're willing to explain in terms a non-tech person can understand.

Administrative Director
Ruhl & Ruhl Commercial Co.

Michael, the owner is very knowledgeable and competent when it comes to all IT services. If there is something he is not familiar with, he will tell you – he will then do extensive research to learn more about the issue in order to fix it. Also, his availability is superb. The benefits about their service are, competence, availability, cost and remote capabilities. We have worked with many IT services and by far Integrated Solutions has been the best. Integrated Solutions has it all. Competent and friendly personnel, timely responsiveness, fair pricing and remote support. We appreciate remote support capabilities because the service can be quicker and without interruption. We Would definitely recommend Integrated Solutions!

Expander Americas, Inc
Cottonwood, AZ

Integrated Solutions is excellent – I love the hospitable personalities of all the staff and they have great product support. The ease of service tickets and expedient response time they demonstrate is what we need to run our business effectively. The tech went the extra mile to repair and upgrade our system after a recent Window’s 10 ‘snafu’. The tech truly had sincere care and advice in mentoring us with the software program. Integrated Solutions always gets the job done! I would highly recommend them!

Tri-City Jewish Center